Hoi Larntan Has Left The Building.

Rob, Jennie, Barry, Diana, Barrie, Andrea, Humphrey and Alan C joined forces at Bayfield Brecks on Saturday 18th December to move ”Hoi Larntan” to Anta’s orchard. The skiff looked resplendent with its touched up club colours of white and blue gleaming in the hazy winter sunlight. With many hands, moving her out of the workshop and hitching her up were tasks completed quite quickly. Soon, a convoy of ”Crabbers” was moving towards Wiveton.

The pictures below show Humphrey bravely attempting to tow ”Hoi Larntan” into Anta’s orchard. It was decided that the team’s muscle power would be equally effective and so it proved. Many thanks to all movers and shovers. Thanks also to Anta for allowing the skiff to be stored on her land.