The Last Row Of 2021.

Richard A has again provided a vivid report of the row on New Year’s Eve. Many thanks, Richard. Happy New Year to all Crabbers! Stay safe.

“Tom, David, Humphrey, Sue and Richard arrived at Barton Turf amid heavy rain, which was not forecast or even shown on the latest weather report. However, we prepared the boat for launch and by the time we were on the water it had stopped. Thank you Tom for your involvement, and for helming us out on the glassy water. 
There was a minor blow as usual on Barton Broad, 0.25  on the hooley scale, but we set a good pace heading towards How Hill where we moored up at our usual “No Mooring” spot for refreshments. 
We noticed and recorded a brand new crab knot to be used on the stern rope at mooring points. Tom Harris is happy to offer lessons on tying such naval / scouting knots for a small fee.
Richard helmed the crew back to base where we had blue skies and a local temperature of 15 degrees. It was a good job Sue had bought along the last few mankinis from her excellent club shop.”