Rain, rain go away – and it did … well almost.

Richard A again provides the account for the Tuesday 4th January outing. A good time was had by all …

“The crew arrived at Barton Turf with it teeming down. The rain was unforecasted again.
“Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.” 
However, Richard, Barry, David, Adrian and Duncan prepared Bluejacket for launch. The water was the highest I have ever seen at Barton which made the launch easy. As if by magic, as soon as the skiff was in the water the precipitation stopped.
We set off over Barton Broad taking the scenic route hugging the banks of reeds, looking for wildlife. We saw plenty of swans upended enjoying breakfast but not much else. We entered the Ant and swiftly made our way to How Hill which seems to be the place of choice for the Tuesday and Friday rowers’ coffee stop. We continued our enjoyable conversations over coffee and Christmas excess biscuits hopefully not adding to much to the season’s excesses. 
We rowed back down the Ant at a smooth pace.The weather started to be a “little soft” as the folks from the Emerald Isle say but not enough to don the waterproofs. 
Back at base, Bluejacket was hauled out efficiently and put to bed ready for the next outing.”