“It was a cold, windy one.”

Thanks to Richard A for this account of rowing in sunny, windy conditions on Friday 7th January.

“What a lovely day for rowing. As the forecast was gusts up to 50km from north west, which equates to four on the hooley scale, we decided to give Barton Broad a miss but head to Stalham via Sutton.  As you can see from the picture, the crew of Sue, Tony, Tom and David were enjoying the sunny tranquil waters of the Ant. However, as we took the turn towards Sutton the team were blown up the river by the northwesterly. What goes up must come down. The row back to the Stalham shortcut was a tough stint. It was described as rowing through treacle!  Once we were on the Ant again, heading towards our coffee stop at the Museum of the Broads, things quietened down a little.The row back to base hit a few squalls but the longer than usual tough row was enjoyed by all, including the half frozen cox.”