What Did Rosemary See?

Alan C takes over the narrative here with this report of the expedition on Monday 10th January. Many thanks to him for the following words.

“A beautiful dawn this morning led to a glorious outing from Cox’s Boatyard.  Tom Harris expertly guided us in a well-oiled routine, launching the skiff down the slipway.  Robin Forrest was the authorised rower and allocated us our thwarts for the outward row.  Robin as cox, Tom as stroke, Steve Perkins in 2nd position, Alan Collett in 3rd and Rosemary Forrest in bow.  By common agreement we elected to row upriver, first towards Sutton Staithe, then after a 180° turnabout, we rowed up to Statham Green for our elevenses (see pictures).

Rosemary felt sure she saw a sabre tooth tiger’s skull on the outward journey.  She coxed us on the homeward leg, very slowly past a certain spot but no exciting finds…. On this leg, Alan and Tom swapped thwarts, Steve liked his so much he remained 2ndposition, Robin took bow.  

We spotted herons, swans, a marsh harrier, three kayaks and a hired pleasure boat, otherwise we had the place to ourselves.

Rosemary was concerned her feet might have been too cold but she need not have worried, she was fine.  Alan perhaps regretted wearing three pairs of trousers.”