“Stealth Team sets up very fast times for Robin Combe Challenge.”

The conditions at Barton Turf on Tuesday 11th January were cloudy and wet (see below). However, the report which follows the picture shows how intrepid and determined the Crabbers were.

“A stealth team were out training on the water on Tuesday morning setting fast times preparing themselves for the February challenge. Names of the crew cannot be released as it would compromise the undercover nature of this exercise. Names on the club calendar have been changed for today’s row to protect the athletes. We set out with perfect conditions which cannot be divulged (well, not completely. Ed) and set a special course to Wayford ( Watford ) Bridge using the unique flow rates of the river Ant and lines that ensure fast times. A fantastic time was set for the piece from Cox’s Corner to the Boot Tree. This was used as a warm up prior to our stop at the bridge. Special high calory drinks and solids were consumed during the team talk.We set out from the stop and hit the accelerator as we passed the Boot Tree. The stealth crew set a pace that caused a massive bow wave unsettling swans, ducks and otters as we powered down the Ant. We arrived at Cox’s Corner in a time that was five minutes faster than the up run. Beware, we are the A team.”