CRAB Outing, 21st Jan 2022.

Thanks to Alan C for the following report and great pictures. It looks like it was a beautiful morning on the water.

“Just how many times can you use the word glorious to describe a row on Barton Broad?  I am going to use that word again, as it is accurate!

Tom coxed our first leg, suggesting that we normally row only 2.68 miles when we row to Howe Hill. Today he wanted us to row for 3 miles; after some quiet talk of mutiny, we put our backs to it and maintained 4 miles an hour across Barton Broad and up the River Ant.  On the outward journey there was an uncollaborated sighting of a Kingfisher.  At Howe Hill, it was interesting to see the work going on renewing the wooden quay, where we would normally stop for coffee and elevenses.  Instead, we found a sheltered spot in the shade of the reeds and had a little mardle.

During the return leg we saw a couple of fishermen, a couple of sailing boats and a kayak with a couple of ladies who took a couple of photos of us!  We averaged over 4 mph on this leg.

Today’s team in alphabetical order, Alan, David, Neil, Sue and Tom.”