Thursday 10th February, 2022. The Robin Combe Trophy Race. 

Another vibrant report from Alan C! Thanks for some excellent pictures too …

“Humphrey B, Steve P, Richard B, Sue G and Alan C signed up for today’s row.  There was a pretence at not really knowing if we were going to row across Barton Broad and to Howe Hill or were we going to row up the River Ant to Sutton, Stalham or Wayford Bridge.  Fortunately, Sue had not rowed up the Ant, now we just had to choose between Sutton or Stalham or Wayford Bridge.

Of course Wayford Bridge did have a certain “Boot Tree” (see photo) and the Robin Combe Trophy timed race was still open to entries.  Humphrey had the Strava App on his mobile phone, so I am not sure why we spent so much time pondering the options. It was a no brainer, Boot Tree here we come.

Next decision:  how serious were we going to take our attempt at beating the previous entries.  Humphrey assured us there was the possibility of prizes for not coming first.  Were we interested in any place other than first?  Need you ask?

During the warmup paddle to Wayford Bridge, just enough effort was expended to get the muscles and joints used to doing what they were designed for.  After elevenses, there were of course elevenses, some of us thought about some press-ups, sit-ups etc but then again thought better of it.

The race was on. Timing was everything, teamwork, minds in the boat, concentration, no time for jokes (well just a few!), and the half way point was reached.  Were we making a good time?  We did not need to ask; we knew it was good.  Just the second half to go.  Perhaps we were flagging as we reached the final third, from nowhere came shouts of TEN FIRM GO!  We were enthused again.  ANOTHER TEN, did we have anything left??  And ANOTHER TEN FIRM, there was no stopping us now.  Sue declined to shout for yet another ten, needing to concentrate as it was only her third ever row…..

Whether it was good enough to make a place on the podium or not, we will have to wait and see.  It was, however, fun: nobody fell in, resuscitation required no more than peanut butter sandwiches or bananas. It was a success!”