Boot Tree to Cox’s Corner 15th February

Here are some more unforgettable words and pictures from Richard A as the competition for the Robin Combe Trophy continues … Many thanks to him.

“Well ! We prepared the boat for launch in what looked like favourable conditions.  It was dry and little wind. Adrian agreed with the crew that this was a good day to put in a good time on the Robin Combe trophy.

A strategy was agreed and rowing positions set out. We took a gentle row to Wayford Bridge trialling some of the pieces.

We moored up at “Watford” Bridge and our crew dietician Tony supplied date cake as the Christmas cake had finally run out. Now the heavens had opened and a south westerly hooley was starting to blow.

Crew fired up ready to go……..

Adrian M stroke

Roland G

Tony B

Duncan H bow

Richard A Cox

We cruised towards the start and accelerated to the boot tree. The crew did not notice Amanda Holden waving from her bedroom window as they were in full power focus at the half way point.

We took the south westerly head wind for a stretch on the Ant but made up on the sheltered sections.

Two  motor cruisers gave us room so that we could maintain our momentum. Pike fishermen gave us support and pulled their floats in so we could power on through. 

Stroke gave us a final hard push as we closed in on the finish line. 

We were pleased with our time that was immediately passed on to Humphrey.  The time can be decoded on the team photo attached.

Well done crew! An enjoyable trip.”