Results of the Robin Combe February Challenge

Its the end of February and that means that the Robin Combe Challenge is over for another year. There have been some very impressive times posted, some crews braved horrible conditions to take part. Well done! Throughout the month The Bard of Barton aka Richard A has reported, taken pictures and steered laser like courses from the gumboot tree to Cox’s turn and so he will be awarded the Official Robin Combe Challenge hip flask. He can decide if he wants to share it with the fastest crew who were timed at 20:31. The crew consisted of Duncan in Bow Humphrey at 2 Roland at 3 and Adrian at Stroke. There are two other hip flasks which suffered slight engraving problems due to the spell checker on my phone! One for best joke on an outing which must go to Duncan for his Spanish Joke which Amy found hilarious (and no-one else understood). I thought we might award one for the best excuse for not taking part in this challenge, but there were no entries for this category so it will go to Karen and Anna who very enthusiastically rowed over the course when the event was being planned. Well done and thankyou to everyone who took part.