Five Miles From Home.

An early season, timed five mile row was undertaken by an intrepid team of “Crabbers” on the morning of Tuesday 19th April. Roland kindly volunteered to cox, Barry stroked, Humphrey and Tom rowed at three and two respectively, Duncan was at bow. The tide was officially 8.7 but looked higher as, against a strong current, the crew propelled the boat to the starting point. The race was on!

Roland expertly found the clearer course and gave information and encouragement to the rowers. Much appreciated by all. The half way point was reached, the skiff turned and the home run started. The hoped for, easier return row was somewhat marred by a suddenly increased headwind but, undeterred, the crew picked up the pace and crossed the finishing line in fine style. It was a great morning on the water. Thanks to everyone in the crew. Bring on the next outing in the “Five Miles from Home” series.

Footnote. The stroke rower finished the morning with a coffee atop the hill overlooking the Carnser. When the tide receded, he drove home happily (see view below).