Skiffs Together.

The evening of Friday 29th April was cool and breezy when two ”Crabber” crews met up to spend a couple of hours on the water. There was plenty of slipway banter as each skiff was launched efficiently before rowers tackled a strong incoming tide. When open water was reached, the Bluejacket crew decided on Pinchen’s Creek as a destination whilst Hoi Larntan made for Cley. The choppy water provided an invigorating row with Blakeney rowers out in full force.

Thanks to Anta for the excellent photographs, taken from the cox’s seat, of the Hoi Larntan crew in action.

The Crews.

Hoi Larntan: Humphrey, Barry, Richard, Andrew F and Duncan.

Bluejacket: Anta, Alan, Lynne, Adrian and Andrew R.