An Evening Row Under A Beautiful Sky.

The evening of Tuesday 28th June was breezy and bright. Anta, John, Rob, Barry and welcome guest Emily P rowed happily to a point beyond Morston before stopping for a well earned chocolate break whilst afloat. As an experienced rower, Emily fitted in perfectly with the Crabber crew and enjoyed the new surroundings. It was a really great evening outing. Notice the smiling faces in the pictures below.

The Big Rowing Breakfast. Friday 17th June.

This was a morning which had everything: an early start, a high tide, beautiful conditions and both skiffs on the water. There was also a broken oar blade with improvised repairs …

The breakfast at The King’s Arms was excellent and much enjoyed by everyone. The outdoor setting was just right. Thanks to all cooks and servers.

Roll on the next breakfast row.

The King’s Lynn Hanse Regatta, Saturday 11th June.

Three podium finishes at this year’s Hanse Festival! It was a great afternoon’s racing for Adrian H, Adrian M, Jeni, Humphrey, Diana, Barry, Amy, Alison and Luke. The men’s crew gained second place in their race and there were third place finishes for the mixed and the ladies’ crews.

The wind was blustery, the tide was running fast, and the organisers made the wise decision to shorten the course. There were no bridge arches to negotiate this year. The change added to the excitement.

There were so many highlights. One of the great moments was the race for second place between Blakeney and King’s Lynn in the mixed crew event. There were tight turns, clashing oars and hard rowing. The times were exactly the same!

Many thanks to Adrian H for towing, organising, rowing and timekeeping. Thanks also to captain Humphrey for his organisation of crews. Of course, thanks also to the King’s Lynn and Wells Rowing Club, and the Ouse Social Club, for arranging and hosting such a marvellous event culminating in an excellent awards ceremony and hog roast.

There was much less mud this year and credit must go to the King’s Lynn Fire Brigade for clearing the slipway.

More Jubilee Rowing.

Saturday 4th June saw two crews braving the blustery, north-easterly wind to travel towards Cley. Many sailing dinghies had to be avoided, but this only added to the fun. In Hoi Larntan were Barry, Diana, Tom H, Simon P-C and Luke who was on his first Blakeney row. Welcome to him.

Andrew, Adrian H, John, Anna and Will made up the Bluejacket crew. Anna and Will were welcome visitors to Blakeney also.

Once the shelter of the Cley channel was reached, then there was an opportunity for the Hoi Larntan crew to work at improving timing technique. The turning point was reached, chocolate biscuits were taken ”on the drift”, positions were changed and it was time to head for open water and then home.

Thanks to Amy H for many of the photographs.

Fun Rows In June.

The first week of June has been an active one for Crabbers. The following pictures have a distinctive Jubilee theme. Many thanks to Rosemary for the beautiful evening views of Blakeney taken on 1st June. Notice Adrian adorning the skiff with a Jubilee Flag.

Catherine assembled a crew for the morning of Friday 3rd June, before guiding the skiff up the Cut and towards Cley. There were several bunting clad boats around. Welcome to Charlotte who experienced her first row with the club.

More to follow …

Saturday Morning Rowing.

Here are a few pictures of some familiar faces in “Bluejacket” on a Saturday morning outing, May 21st. Rob, Jenny, Humphrey, Duncan and John certainly looked to be enjoying themselves.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Breakfast Row which will take place on Friday 17th June at 7.15 am. The King’s Arms will be providing breakfast for £10 per person! There are still places in the skiffs. If you wish to partake of breakfast, without rowing, please let Humphrey know so that you can be added to the list. It promises to be great fun …

A Great Week’s Rowing.

It’s been such an exceptional week’s rowing. The photos below show the beauty of the Blakeney waters. Thanks to Alan, Iain, Howard, Diana and Barry for the pictures. We see Hoi Larntan being unloaded after an excellent row by Adrian, Anna, Karen, Humphrey and Andrew at the Brightlingsea Gig Festival. On Monday 16th May, Alan, Howard, Diana, Iain and Barry then rowed the skiff to Pinchen’s Creek on an amazingly beautiful evening. A thole pin was snapped cleanly by the power of Howard’s stroke.

The following day, an early morning crew of Roland, Steve, Vicky, Peter and Simon were seen heading up the Cut in Bluejacket. Welcome to Simon on his first outing with the club! The skiff looked brilliant as it moved across the open water towards the Point.

Keep signing up on the calendar.