Before The Rain.

These intrepid Crabbers braved rain, wind and hail in a really exciting outing. Vicky, Peter, Diana and Barry – expertly coxed – propelled Bluejacket in the direction of Cley before the wind increased even further. The crew, veterans of the Caledonian Adventure, were reminded of the waters of Loch Ness! After a hard row, in ever changing conditions, the decision was made to return to base. The skiff was safely packed up just as the hail arrived. Despite the weather’s best efforts to discourage, it was a hugely enjoyable outing lasting just under an hour.



A Well Earned Break.

These pictures, sent by Alan, capture the sheer enjoyment of being on the water. This outing took place in beautiful weather on 3rd November. A strong southerly wind meant that the water was slow to arrive but the wait was clearly worth it. After a vigorous row, aided by some expert coaching tips, the crew moored up to enjoy a deserved refreshment stop. It looks like a good time was had by all.

Four Go Rowing …

A crew of four had a great outing on Wednesday 24th October. Adrian, Diana, Barry and first time rower Henry took “Bluejacket” on to Barton Broad before exploring the more sheltered channels. Adrian took rowers through some well ordered coaching exercises, then Diana coxed the boat back to base. The weather was perfect for another morning at Barton. The session was ended with a round of whisky fudge, a souvenir from the recent Caledonian trip.


Caledonian Adventure.

This expedition took place between the 28th September and the 5th October. A group of twelve took on the locks and the lochs of the beautiful but demanding Caledonian Canal. Preparations for the row were appropriate and detailed with rows around Barton Broad and planning meetings. Tom H and Kate took on the responsibility of towing between Hanworth and Corpach, the launching site.

Ready to go …


Caledonian Adventure: the launch.

Bluejacket was launched, at 11 am on 28th September, from a timber yard in Corpach. The weather was mixed but anticipation was high. Ahead lay Corpach Sea Lock and Neptune’s Staircase. Veronica called this phase, “the end of the beginning.” Vicky won the first caption competition with, “Are you seriously going to row the Caledonian Canal in pink shorts?”


Neptune’s Staircase.

Throughout the journey, lock keepers ensured that Bluejacket’s passage was eased and away from larger vessels. Corpach Sea Lock was negotiated efficiently. Great care was taken when approaching Neptune’s Staircase with its long system of locks. Tom coxed Barry, Diana, Vicky and Peter through the first gate. Then Barry and Peter hauled Bluejacket from the towpath with Kate, Veronica and Alan providing support. The coffee and sandwiches were welcome!


Ros Crana.

After Neptune’s Staircase, and a night at the Premier Inn, the group gathered on the barge at Banavie to be shown around by the crew: Dave, Chris, Lucy and James. Ros Crana is equipped with a lounge, a dining room, a galley and small but comfortable cabins. It also carries bikes, a sailing boat and canoes for non-rowing days. For a first expedition, Alan, Catherine, Amanda, John and Veronica rowed to Gairlochy whilst the rest of us walked the six miles. Mixed weather again! Bluejacket was moored opposite Ros Crana for the night. The barge served as a great safety vessel throughout the expedition. Gairlochy was a good base to set off across Loch Lochy on the following morning, Sunday 30th, as you can see in the bottom picture.