Meanwhile, further East…

Driving straight off after the launch of King Lynn’s new skiff, our team of intrepid adventurers had an outing on the River Deben over the bank holiday.   Adrian reports with photos from Rosemary/Robin.
“The Deben Adventure was a great success and this was in large part due to the helpful and friendly harbourmaster, Tony,  and boatyard owner, Mark, at Waldringfield.
We were provided with a mooring and “Visitors” dinghy to get to and from it.
On Sunday 21st May we took the falling tide from Waldringfield. Victoria’s suggestions that we should pass the time by telling improbable stories and singing songs met with little enthusiasm, so the first part of the voyage to Ramsholt was spent enjoying the glorious sunshine and absorbing the unspoilt scenery in silence. Although it was a holiday weekend there were few boats moving on the river.
Filled as we were with memories of the welcome we had received at Waldringfield we were surprised that our call at Ramsholt was treated by the harbourmaster as a hostile invasion. Not wishing to remain where we were clearly not wanted, we picked up a mooring out of range and enjoyed mid-morning coffee content with our own company.
No room at Ramsholt!
crowded slip at Ramsholt.jpg
Moored overnight at Waldringfield:
moored at Waldringfield.jpg
Getting in some useful practice:
Next boat for CRAB.jpg
From Ramsholt to Felixstowe Ferry the river banks become lower and the woodland gives way to marshes and mudflats. Rosemary skilfully shaped our course around the Horse Sand to land on the beach close to the ferry at Felixstowe.
Looking towards Felixstowe Ferry:
looking to Felixstowe ferry.jpg
After a short walk, mingling with the holiday crowds, we found some convenient, if not comfortable, concrete blocks for lunchtime seats, where we were entertained (?) by some jet skiers. Spinach soup, smoked salmon, ham, salad, quiche, flapjack and apples gave the necessary energy for the return trip and this was augmented by the, now rising, tide and a following wind.
At Ramsholt we passed close to the end of the slipway hoping that our friend the harbourmaster would once again make efforts to repel us, but he did not appear. He must have realised that he was outnumbered.
Next day, in showers and a freshening wind, we rowed up river to Woodbridge where we met Malcolm and Peter of the Woodbridge Riverside Trust, who plan to build a St Ayles Skiff. A chance meeting with some scullers from Deben Rowing Club gained us entry to their clubhouse for coffee and rowing conversation. Then, goodbye to our Woodbridge friends and a stiff pull into a headwind, back to the slipway in Waldringfield.
Warning shouts from Mark failed to stop Hoi Larntan before she hit a most adhesive mud patch off the end of the slipway. After some rowing, quanting, mud scooping and load rearrangement, we were afloat again. Plan “B” was adopted and Hoi Larntan landed on a firm shingle beach a few yards down river.
Hoi Larntan was back on her trailer, everyone felt that much had been achieved and it was only 10.15 in the morning!”
Earlier at Kings Lynn:
It does help if we are both using the same channel!
What channel.jpg