An Outing With Solva Rowing Club.

Diana, Barry and Amy experienced sea rowing in a Celtic Longboat, on Thursday 29th July, with Solva Rowing Club, Pembrokeshire. Josie and Steve of Solva organised and coached a great outing which had everything, including some demanding waves beyond the harbour. Feathering the oars was an extra element. It was a memorable and thoroughly enjoyable hour and a half! Many thanks to Josie and Steve for their company and guidance.

Rowing In The Sun.

Andrew, Eddie, Rob M, John and Elaine picked a beautiful day for their row on Wednesday 21st July. Judging by those smiles, they had a great time! Thanks to Helen for taking these excellent pictures from the Sailing Club Patrol Boat.

A Magical Morning On The Water…

Diana, John, Andrew, Steve P and Barry set off on the morning of Friday 16th July to row towards the Point. The strong winds of recent days had abated, but the headwind still called for the crew to “dig in.” John maintained a steady but powerful stroke with Andrew, for once, sampling life at bow. Steve and Diana occupied the middle positions. A somewhat crowded beach was reached and chocolate biscuits were enjoyed. The trip back was completed in a much shorter time…Barry enjoyed the stroke position, rowing with the wind.

The skiff was recovered with some ease at the slipway. Rob’s added protection for the trolley proved very welcome and useful. Many thanks to him for the extra work.

A Sunny Sunday Morning Row.

It was sunny and, once again, calm on Sunday 11th July as Humphrey, Elaine, Andrew, Colin and Neil took to the water. Welcome to Neil, a last minute stand-in, who joined the crew and showed some style. Well rowed!

A Five Mile Row On Friday Evening.

The evening was cloudy but calm on Friday 9th July. Adrian H, Tom H, Humphrey, Roland and Barry arrived on the Carnser ready to undertake the latest timed, five-mile row. Roland volunteered to cox, Tom stroked with Adrian at three, Humphrey at two and Barry at bow. A firm, consistent pace was set from a point beyond the Cut and the crew struck out for the Point. A hard but enjoyable row followed and the rhythm was maintained after the turning point when the skiff turned into wind. It was a commendable team effort and a great way to start the weekend.

Thanks again to Roland for coxing throughout the event. Below are some pictures which show the time gained, the route taken and the Crabbers involved.

A Friday Row To The Watch House.

Friday 2nd July brought sunny weather, just right for a row to the Watch House. Lynne, Adrian, Elaine, Rosemary and Robin ventured forth over silky waters to moor at the Watch House jetty for refreshments. After the break, a reverse departure was called for. Watchers were duly impressed. Then it was back to the Carnser…

Thanks to Rosemary and Victoria F for the photographs.

A Great Week Of Rowing.

Tuesday 29th an Wednesday 30th saw a continuation of exciting activity on the water. Gusting winds and occasional showers did not discourage the Crabbers.

On Tuesday, Rob, Jenny, Steve P, Yvonne and Humphrey rowed out to the beach near Pinchen’s Creek. On Wednesday, Adrian H, Elaine, Alison, Jenny L and David rowed up the Cut and into open water in fine style. See below.

A Quick Spin Towards Cley.

It was a cool, cloudy morning on Monday 28th June when Humphrey, Tom, John, Diana and Barry met on the Carnser. The easterly wind was quite strong and, in the conditions, Cley was the chosen direction. Tom coxed up the Cut, Barry set the stroke into open water, before these positions were reversed. Rowing against the wind provided a good workout before the shelter of the Cley channel was gained. A “handbrake turn” at the widest point, and it was Diana’s turn to cox with John taking the stroke’s seat. The excitement mounted as Diana calmly guided the skiff over the marshes (Tom’s challenge) as high tide approached. A successful and enjoyable time saving route!

Pity about the messy obstacles left by dogs around the skiffs. Full marks to John for asking a nearby dog walker for a bag before removing the worst of these …