The Blakeney Regatta.

Sunday 18th August was another great day on the water for everyone, but particularly for the two crews who took part in the annual rowing race. Conditions were sunny but blustery and rowers had to pull hard to make progress. Coxes had to be at the peak of their vocal powers. As for the raw scores, the men’s crew in Bluejacket completed the course in 49 minutes 39 seconds and the mixed crew in Hoi Larntan finished in 64 minutes and 19 seconds. A 10% adjustment applies but the Bluejacket crew still emerges as victorious. It was a great effort by all participants! Thanks to Helen Riley and Diana Howes for the photographs.


A Gathering Of Crabbers.

Saturday 10th August saw new and seasoned club members gather at the President’s house for a barbecued meal. Typically undeterred by strong winds, a large group met to socialise and welcome those who have recently joined. The burgers and sausages were beautifully cooked and there were many other delicious dishes to enjoy. Future outings and expeditions were planned and preparations were discussed for the Blakeney Regatta on 18th August. Many thanks to Adrian and Lynne Hodge for hosting a great event.


The Morston Regatta.

Saturday 3rd August was a great day on the water for the Crabbers. The Morton Regatta saw a fascinating contest between the two club skiffs, two single sculls and some welcome guests from King’s Lynn Rowing Club. Conditions were excellent for rowing and the sight of every competitor putting in full effort was tremendous to see. Congratulations to Victoria and to the crew of Bluejacket for emerging as trophy winners! Thanks also to Amy H for the photographs. More to follow…

Great River Race Training.

Anta sent through this stunning photograph as this year’s intrepid GRR crew struck out for the Point in preparation for the great event. This shows the summer weather at its best and one can only imagine the hard work going on in the skiff. Humphrey, Duncan, Anta, Victoria and Adrian M clearly mean business and no doubt more preparatory outings will follow. Let’s hope the conditions stay as favourable. Apparently, there was a cooling swim off the beach.


Evening On The Water.

Rosemary sent through a delightful description, with photographs, of an evening outing on 18th July. The sunset is amazing!

^When we arrived, there was the usual despair and concern about when the tide would turn to fill The Cut. Twenty minutes later all was well as both boats prepared to go. It was gloomy but the sea lavender was coming out providing a faint purple haze. Following a wine break with both sets of rowers, on the return journey we had a glorious sunset to watch. The cox of Bluejacket had to keep abandoning her task to take photos causing some concern amongst her crew. Then Bluejacket had to wait quietly behind Hoi Larntan to come ashore.”

CRAB 12 July Can we row_ 19.00hrsCRAB 19.21 hrs Yes we canCRAB Bluejacket's puddles in the sunsetCRAB waiting for Hoi Larntan

Another Fine Morning Row ….

Tom, David, Peter, Diana and Barry enjoyed an early morning row on 17th July. The water was flat and calm … just perfect. Rowing to Pinchen’s Creek was an absolute pleasure and the refreshment stop passed pleasantly with the skiff nestling gently on the beach. A nicely timed rhythm on the return journey ensured that the outing ended in fine style. Early morning is a great time to row!