Window Of Opportunity Before Storm Brendan.

Clouds and subdued winds met the crew at Barton Turf on the morning of Tuesday 14th January. Tom H, David, Rob, Sue and Barry set off for How Hill in good spirits with the water only slightly choppy. David maintained a regular, effective stroke to the refreshment stop near the eel catcher’s hut. There was no time to hang around, bearing in mind the afternoon forecast, and, after changing positions, Barton Broad beckoned once more. The return journey passed quickly and “Bluejacket” was put away before midday and before the afternoon’s high winds.

Sun And Wind At Wayford Bridge.

Saturday 11th January brought a mixed bag of weather: wind, sun and cloud. Amy, Diana, Duncan, Barry and Roger decided on the most sheltered route to Wayford Bridge. Roger, rowing for the first time on the Broads,picked up Duncan’s stroke rhythm quickly and good progress was made with Amy and Diana rowing at two and three. Two fishermen and two passing cabin cruisers provided the only company. The sunny refreshment stop at the bridge was particularly pleasant with coffee, shortbread and biscuits.

On the return journey – with Diana coxing, Barry at stroke, Duncan at three, Roger at two and Amy at bow – gusting, changing winds made the going interesting. With some adjustments to the timing, Barton Turf was reached at midday. It was a really enjoyable time on the water.

Another Magical Trip Towards Dilham.

Many thanks to Rosemary F for the following text:

“Heather, Catherine, Andrew, Vicki and Rosemary had a magical row on a sunny, slightly cool morning. En route we wondered whether we were still on the river as we could see acres of water on the other side of the bank. We kept going and found familiar territory, successfully shot the Wayford Bridge, before stopping just short of Dilham for a coffee break. There was a virtual midstream changeover.

“There were several cruisers out, canoes, some fishermen but no kingfishers or otters and the hen harrier was derided for not having fingers on the tips of its wings.”

Happy New Year! The First Outing Of 2020.

Wednesday 1st January 2020 was cloudy and windless as Amy, Emily, Diana, Andrew and Barry set off from Barton Turf for the first row of the new year. The crew struck out in fine style towards Dilham. Barry coxed, Amy stroked, Emily rowed at three, Andrew at two and Diana rowed in the bow position. The sun came out to make everyone even more cheerful and Wayford Bridge was negotiated with ease. A landing point, just before the river fork, was chosen for a break. Chocolate biscuits and coffee helped the crew to refuel and a small nip of rum was also on offer.

Emily and Diana shared the coxing duties on the return leg and Barry stroked. Two kingfishers and two cormorants were spotted during the course of the morning as well as a group of frustrated fishermen. Everyone left Barton Turf having enjoyed an energetic start to 2020.


A Post Christmas Outing.

The morning of Saturday 28th December was cloudy with light winds and the water across Barton Broad was beautifully smooth. Victoria, Catherine, Amy, Stephen and Barry set off for How Hill at a steady pace. Four holiday cabin cruisers, one single scull and two groups of fishermen were sighted; more than the usual amount of activity. With a burst of firm rowing, and with Victoria at stroke, How Hill was soon reached and it was time for the coffee stop. Several post Christmas walkers were nearby and “Bluejacket” was admired once again. Catherine and Amy shared the stroking/coxing duties on the return leg and Barton Turf soon loomed. The skiff was cleaned up and put safely away. Time had passed so quickly on the water.


All Smiles At How Hill.

The morning of Monday 16th December was cloudy with a hint of sun and a light south Westerly wind blowing across the Broad. Diana, Adrian M, Mark, David and Barry set off towards How Hill on untroubled water. Adrian stroked, David and Mark rowed at three and two respectively and Diana rowed at bow with Barry coxing. A steady rhythm was maintained with a couple of “ten firm” surges introduced to keep things even more interesting. Time passed quickly. The boat raced past How Hill, went round two river bends, before cox and crew turned it to moor up for a well earned break.

The return journey was coxed by Diana with Mark at stroke, Adrian and David in the powerhouse with Barry in the bow. This leg of the expedition was also characterised by some firm rowing. The morning seemed to fly on another very enjoyable outing.

Four Men In A Boat.

Friday 13th December turned out to be lucky for some when four keen Crabbers turned up at Barton for an outing. David, Humphrey, Andrew and Barry rowed to Wayford Bridge across calm, silky water. The wind, although gradually increasing, did not hamper. Tom began by coxing, Humphrey stroked, three was missing, Barry was at two and Andrew at bow. “Bluejacket” sliced along the route very pleasantly. Changes were made regularly so that everyone had an opportunity to cox or row stroke. The refreshment stop, just short of Wayford Bridge, contained the usual mix of fruit, coffee and chocolate biscuits. Everyone enjoyed a great morning out.