Five Men In A Boat.

Humphrey, Tom H, David, Richard and Tony formed a fine crew on the morning of Tuesday 22nd. It was a well photographed outing.Tom G took the shots of “Bluejacket” up the Cut and the others were taken from “Winnow.” Thanks to Tom also for the following words:

“Five men in a boat set out for Blakeney Point on Tuesday against a big tide. Not sure whether the expressions are pain or pleasure but they were looking pretty good despite the lockdown lay-off!”

A Great Tide!

Anta, Humphrey, Diana, Amy and Barry took to the water not long after 7 am this morning to brave the strong wind and high tide. The usual scenery took on a distinctly different appearance as the water, a 9.5, flowed in. The going was hard but the humour level was high as “Bluejacket” made her way through the waves and an awkward crosswind. Barry stroked, Amy and Anta formed the engine room, Diana rowed at bow. Humphrey, again, coxed most ably and made the wise decision to turn before the Morston boats. There was plenty of rowing left in the outing. Humphrey guided the skiff expertly towards home. The slipway loomed rapidly and the usual space in a waterlogged boat park was soon gained.

Breakfast was a real bonus. Croissants, chocolate and coffee. Thanks to Humphrey once again.

Thanks to Alan Collett for the above picture. He writes, “Today a happy band of CRAB members were spotted getting ready to launch into the 9.5m Spring Tide at Blakeney. This photo allegedly shows them all smiling at coronavirus safe distances,”

More to follow …

A Beautiful Evening …

Humphrey, Diana, David, Richard and Barry set off in fine, calm conditions on the evening of Tuesday 15th September. It was decided to try a five mile row, non-stop towards the Point and back, in preparation for the forthcoming localised Castle to Crane run. Let’s hope for good weather for that. Humphrey coxed, Barry stroked, David and Richard rowed at positions two and three respectively, whilst Diana oared at bow. It was a steady row with many creative zigs and zags to ensure that a five mile course was covered. Great fun and exercise after so many months away from the water.

Another Enjoyable Walk.

Tom G very kindly contributed the following account of yesterday’s club walk. Thanks to him for organising and leading once again.

“A full complement of seven rowing walkers met at the dinghy park on Monday to deliberate with Tom Green on the most appropriate way of achieving an ambient balance of exercise, comfort and conviviality. With the time and ebbing tide refusing to move fast enough to ensure realistic passage down the middle of the Harbour, it was agreed to explore the Harbour, virtually, from dry land, by walking the coast path to the Stiffkey Creek opposite Far Point (where the seals are) After tackling the unseasonal congestion of the Carnser, the Quay and the start of the Morston path, we maintained a steady walk rate with stops to watch a flock of Golden Plovers a Whimbrel and a Greenshank, all conveniently ‘put up’ by a passing Buzzard and Marsh Harrier.

The appearance of a small posse of Brent Geese and 12 Swans a-swimming were a cruel reminder that Christmas is only just around the corner, unless cancelled this year. A detour north along the Morston Creek gave us the chance to inspect the excellent recent handiwork by members of the Cockle Club in renovating the eroded path near the last bridge. On towards what would have been the lowering sun (had it not been for the thick cloud) we were able to get good views of Barry the Bait-Digger and hundreds of Oystercatchers and Shelducks from the delightful grassy path which runs along the edge of the marsh towards the Stiffkey Creek. So, on to the stretch back to Blakeney via Morston for NT coffee (for those who had failed to carry their own supplies!) and the chance to then practice the ‘Covid swerve’ – tricky on the narrow path, without risking plunging down into the ditch. 

It would be nice to think that there may yet be other days for a walk out on the Harbour before the water once again becomes bone-chillingly cold.”

Harbour Walk on Monday 7th September.

Tom Green will be organising another Harbour Walk on Monday 7th September. His outline of the event is below. Sign up on the club calendar and enjoy!

“Following the success of the last CRAB Harbour Walk, Tom Green has organised another one for 1300 on Monday September 7th, leaving from the Skiff in the Dingy Park. ┬áThis provides the opportunity to discover what lies below the surface as well as learning about the birds of the harbour! So, dig out or borrow binoculars and sign up on the normal CRAB calendar. The experience will be best enjoyed by those willing to encounter a mixture of sand, mud and shingle and some wading when crossing occasional knee height channels.

Tom Q GreenSouthfield 10 Wilson’s Way

Blakeney. Holt Norfolk NR25 7PU

Mobile- 07554069589