The Second Zoom Party.

Heather kindly organised and hosted the second Crabbers’ Zoom Party on the evening of Saturday 16th May. It was great fun with glove puppets, pets, drinks and nibbles all included. Topics of conversation, once again, ranged far and wide. Everyone is still looking forward to a time when it will be possible to meet on the water. Thanks to Alan for the pictures. Stay safe!

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Crabbers’ Zoom Party.

Hope everyone is staying safe and well. Below are some pictures of Saturday night’s Zoom Social. It was great to see people and chat. Drinks and crisps were included in some quarters as well. Definitely a good substitute for the pub in these unprecedented times. Many thanks to Heather H for sending invitations and hosting.

The picture of the foxes once seen in Alan C’s garden is an indication of just one of the topics covered.

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First Outing Of 2020 At Blakeney.

Thank to Alan C for the following text concerning a clearly enjoyable 16th March outing:

“Today the sun was shining and there was virtually no wind at Blakeney. The tide was so laid back it nearly forgot to come in!

We had a very pleasant first row of the year at Blakeney. Vicky, Peter, Madeleine, Alan and Steve launched over the slippery Blakeney muddy slipway and into the tide, pulling away with our own somewhat individual styles. Let’s hope nobody was watching. We all agreed we were a little rusty with our techniques. We rowed out to approximately Number 2 buoy, opposite the Morston Creek where we stopped and shared our chocolate ginger biscuits etc.; Temple’s Seal Boat passed us just at this moment, with a full complement of customers going out to see the seals, we were the on water amusement!

On the way back we managed to find the “only” shallow and grounded. Steve manfully jumped out and gave us a gentle nudge back to deeper water. Note to self and anyone else who might be interested in the shallow bits, it’s time to walk out at low tide and make mental notes…..”

Through Wayford Bridge.

A sunny, breezy 6th March saw Tom H, Sue, Diana, Andrew and Barry set off for Wayford Bridge. Tom and Sue shared the stroking and coxing duties during a purposeful row against a stiff wind. After snatched conversations with fishermen en route, the bridge was reached. The wind did not prevent the crew from shooting the bridge in fine style before mooring up for a welcome coffee break.

Diana and Andrew guided “Hoi Larntan” on the return journey with Tom and Barry in the middle and Sue at bow. The fishermen looked no different on the way back.

A swift and efficient tidy up at Cox’s Boatyard, and it was time to get on with the day after another fun outing.

Work on “Bluejacket.”

There was yet another great turnout of “Crabbers” when “Bluejacket” was turned, sanded and undercoated on Saturday 29th February. Teamwork was needed when the wooden frame, on which the skiff sometimes rests, was hoisted to the rafters and tied securely in order to make space for the work. The onset of the Spring sunshine, plus refreshments served by Andrea, kept everyone happy and smiling so that the afternoon sped past. By the end of the session, the skiff was gleaming! Many thanks to all who participated and, again, to Andrea for several photos.