Three Men in a Boat … and one on helm.

Thanks to Richard A for the story of the outing:

“We had an enjoyable row at Barton Broad despite one crew member not turning up. Hence three men in a boat – Richard Andrews, Rob Dunster and Tom Harris, plus Adrian Marfleet at helm – decided to head out and enjoy the glass like conditions. However some of the conditions were really glass like as we encountered ice. We had to pick our way out of Barton Turf and up the River Ant towards Wayford Bridge. Rob has included two paddles should future crews go ice breaking and he will issue instructions on how to gauge the conditions. The balance of the crew was good and the boat ran well. No otters but helm spotted a kingfisher and the odd Marsh Harrier. We took turns on helm and different rowing positions including putting stroke on the other side just for fun. It’s days like this that make trips out to Barton Turf that bit special. There was no traffic on the river, just the odd pike fisherman. A good day was had by all!!

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The Changing Of The Boats.

Thanks to Tom G for the following account of the outing on Monday 28th January:

“By complete coincidence, today’s intrepid crew brushing off the ice from the skiff at Barton turned out to be four-sixths of the team which tackled the legendary Ocean to City Race in Cork back in 2015. Happy memories! Unlike Cork in summer, we remained dry, and the mixture of sun, cloud and the tail end of the previous night’s gale enlivened a brisk row to the north, where we enjoyed a brief on-board stop for coffee and the remains of Rob’s tasty Christmas Cake. Apart from the recently shot pheasant floating near a group with guns, there were few birds, although we did “clock” Kestrel, Buzzard and Marsh Harrier.”

Bluejacket is now in Barrie’s workshop ready to be rubbed down. Sign up on the calendar to help with this. Hoi Larntan is at Barton, ready for outings. Thanks to all who helped with the changeover, particularly Rob who organised the logistics and Alan C who towed.

Crew: Tom G, Alan C, Barry H, Rob D, Richard B and Manu.

Rowing Tips At Barton.

Thanks to Alan C for the following narrative:

Having rowed once or twice on the Thames in Putney and on a rowing machine, today Danielle had her first trial row with CRAB in Bluejacket on Barton Broad.  She was instantly a team player and in no time at all the boat was gliding effortlessly over the water.  After about 30 minutes, Tom the club captain was congratulating Danielle and suggested some minor changes to her technique, which she adopted instantly.
At How Hill we moored up and enjoyed some light refreshments before rearranging the crew to give everyone a chance to row.
On the way back Dan quietly and from the position of stroke, gave some instruction on rowing technique.  He demonstrated different entries of the blade into the water at the start of the stroke, also the most efficient movement of the blade through the water. “Placement” was now the watchword on all our lips.
Saturday mornings were made for this was the cry!
Crew: Tom, Dan, Rob, Alan & Danielle.

Great Morning At Barton.

Alan’s Narrative:

Tony and David were on their first and second goes at rowing with CRAB in Barton today, along with Tom, the club captain, Alan, the safety officer and Dan, a long standing member. One never knows the experience that is in the boat when one starts the adventure. Tom effected the introductions and directed the safe launching without getting our feet wet! Basic instructions were given and we set sail, sorry we rowed out of Barton Turf, avoiding the fishing lines.
The timings were excellent, near perfect entry points of catch at the start of the stroke. It was only as the morning progressed and we got to know each other that small details emerged. For example Tony, an established sailor and David a rower with history. David quietly told us that he had rowed from the Houses of Parliament to Paris and that he had rowed around the British Isles.
What a great experience to have been out this morning. I hope the photos go a little way to showing our experience and cameraderie.

Visit Of Woodbridge Rowers.

On Friday 11th January a group of skiff rowers from Woodbridge visited Barton Turf to row with the club. The visitors’ purpose, apart from enjoyment, was to pick up some design points for the building of their own skiff which they hope to have completed by April 2019. It was a great day which included rowing outings, a pub lunch and an appreciative look at trailers and the Bayfield Brecks workshop. It’s always a pleasure to meet members of other rowing clubs and we look forward to seeing the Woodbridge skiff on the water. It was a very sociable day for all concerned.
Thanks to Rob for organising such an excellent day’s timetable and for teaming up with Robin to give our guests a great rowing experience.

New Year’s Day Outing.

The 2019 season at Barton began with an eventful but enjoyable venture to Wayford Bridge. Conditions were quite warm and only slightly breezy as Diana, Amy, Richard, Tom and Barry took their places in “Bluejacket” to welcome the new year with a steady row. Greetings were exchanged with several smiling fishermen before a refreshment stop was taken near the bridge. The highlight of the return journey occurred when one of the rudder mountings broke! Rowing and coxing without the use of a rudder was an interesting exercise. Crabbers pulled together to ensure the outing ended safely.IMG_20190101_105835