First Spruce Up For “Bluejacket.”

Saturday 15th saw another great turn out of “Crabbers” to Barrie’s workshop. “Bluejacket” was turned over,rubbed down and painted. By the end of the afternoon the skiff’s hull was gleaming. And still the work continues …
Thanks to the suppliers of teas, coffees and cakes. The company and the refreshments made the afternoon pass pleasurably.

The Rowmantic Valentine’s Day Adventure.

Valentine’s Day, Friday 14th February, was a great window of opportunity in between Storms Ciara and Dennis as Diana, Richard A, Andrew F, Duncan and Barry gathered for a row to Dilham. First there was the important matter of establishing “Hoi Larntan” in place of “Bluejacket” so that the latter could be towed to Bayfield Brecks for its seasonal makeover. This was done quickly in the morning sunshine. Many thanks to David P for towing.

The Valentine’s crew was off before 10.30 and Duncan kept a steady stroke to Wayford Bridge and the coffee stop. A quick change of positions and Barry coxed down to the river fork just before Dilham. Using short paddles, borrowed from the Nancy Oldfield Trust, the crew made for Dilham, turned and headed for lunch at the Wayford Bridge Inn. Paddling was great fun and the banter flowed.

After an excellent lunch, paddles were stowed and it was rowing as usual as Diana coxed “Hoi Larntan” back to Barton Turf. The skiff docked just before 3 pm as the wind lifted. Thanks to Richard A for a well organised and thoroughly enjoyable “rowmantic” adventure.

Turning “Hoi Larntan” Over.

Thanks to Barrie B for the following report:

“Another great turn out by club members to help turnover “Hoi Larntan”, take her outside and then put her back on her trailer. The trailer was then carefully wiggled back into the workshop. A working party stayed behind to rub down and then varnish her and her oars. The plan is (weather permitting) to return HL to Barton during next week.”

The Calm Before The Weekend Wind.

On Saturday 8th February, Victoria, Clive, Rosemary, Robin and Emily started the outing under grey skies, without wind, and ended up in sunshine. Rosemary continues:

Along the way we encountered fishermen – who sensibly pulled in their lines – swans, a canoe and more than one cruiser, the last of which we nearly overtook. We went beyond the 3 mph sign at Dilham and looked around the corner until we realised that we could go no further without a paddle. We turned ourselves round on a sixpence to head back for coffee.

overtakingCoffee break on shore at 3 mphRelaxing for a coffee breakTurning on a sixpence

All Types Of Weather.

This intrepid crew braved wind and rain on the way to Wayford Bridge on Tuesday 4th February. Sue, Rob, Duncan, David and Barry made an earlier than usual, pre 10 am, start along the more sheltered route. Rob stroked, David and Duncan formed the powerhouse and Sue rowed bow. Barry, as cox, kept an eye on all things including the gathering clouds. A coffee stop at Wayford Bridge preceded a change of positions and Sue guided Bluejacket away from the mooring. Part of the return journey was bathed in unexpected sunshine! With Barry resuming at cox and Sue stroking, there was a very brief foray out on to the glinting water of the Broad before the skiff was safely stored. Just look at those clouds in the picture!


First Row In The New World Of Brexit.

Thanks to Rosemary for the evocative text and pictures below:

“Not daunted by weather forecasts of gales, Victoria, Humphrey, Sue, Catherine and Rosemary enjoyed a glorious row up the River Ant to Dilham. After a little difficulty in negotiating the bridge against the wind, they sped by the windmill on the left before tying up at the 3 mph speed restriction for a quick coffee break. The journey home was enlivened by a “Hat Overboard!” cry and the boat had to be manoeuvred back gently against the wind for the errant headgear to be retrieved a la or should it be a le man overboard.”